Sunday, 3 June 2012

June 2011

Propagation Summary

Solar conditions continued to look dismal, although the solar flux did get up to 149 on 21st April.   May marked the start of the Sporadic E season in the Northern Hemisphere so 28MHz and 50MHz will be humming at times. This rather suggests that F layer propagation on 28MHz is non-existent.  Not so - the 706T Amateur Radio DXpedition to Yemen has been romping in to the UK on 10m CW during early May. Not terribly loud, but definitely workable. (Steve Nichols )

Solar Maximum is forecast for May 2013

Solar minimum occurred in December, 2008. The panel decided that the solar cycle 24 will be below average in intensity, with a maximum sunspot number of 90. Given the predicted date of solar minimum and the predicted maximum intensity, solar maximum is expected to occur in May, 2013. 

Propagation Forecast Up to 16 June

Solar activity is expected to be at very low to low levels with a slight chance for M-class flares through 31 May and again from 14 June through the end of the forecast period.  
Low to moderate levels are expected from 31 May through 13 June.

Geomagnetic field activity is expected to be quiet to active on 22 - 23 May as the arrival of the 18 May Coronal Mass Ejection and a coronal hole high speed stream become active. Quiet to active conditions are also expected on 06 - 09 June as another coronal hole high speed stream moves into an active position. Mostly quiet to unsettled conditions are expected until at least mid June.