Sunday, 10 July 2016

June 2016

Propagation Summary
April was an interesting month for space weather with storm conditions on 2, and 7  April , caused by a negative magnetic field (usually causing extreme long skip in affected areas) On April 10, 13 and 18th  the disturbances were caused by fast solar winds. On May 2, Negative magnetic activity was again the cause, and then on May 8, a G3 class solar flare caused the disturbance. (

Propagation Forecast
Disturbed conditions are expected on June 2-6, 11-13 and 17-18.  The calmest days will be on 7-9 June and also 18th.  Although there have been many storm conditions lately, sunspot numbers are generally lower than forecast, and Solar Cycle 24 could easily die out before the forecast date of early 2019 if this trend continues, resulting in very little activity during 2018-19.
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The Sporadic E propagation season should also take place in June-July.
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