Friday, 26 January 2018

March 2017

Propagation Summary

Solar activity reached low levels on 09 Feb due to C-class flare activity on 10 Feb. Solar activity was at very low levels throughout the remainder of the period and no Earth-directed coronal mass ejections (CMEs) were observed. 
The solar flux reached high levels each day of this period.
Geomagnetic field activity was at quiet to active levels on 06 Feb, quiet to unsettled levels on 07, 10-11 Feb, and quiet throughout the remainder of the period.

Propagation Forecast until 18 March
The Geomagnetic field will be disturbed on March 1 – 2, quiet to active on March 3 – 6.
Mostly quiet on March 7, and quiet on March 8 – 9.
The Boulder A, and K indices will be at their lowest on March 7 to 11.
Solar flux will be at 72 on March 5 to 7.  Calm conditions will prevail until March 16 when disturbed conditions will peak and things should start to level off by March 18.


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