Saturday, 26 January 2019


Propagation Summary
A strong and unexpected G3-class geomagnetic storm occurred during the early hours of August 26th. The storm may have been caused by a coronal mass ejection (CME).  This caused radio blackouts in some parts of the world and visible auroras in parts of the USA.  This continued over the August bank Holiday weekend in the UK. Low levels were then observed with the exception of a strong flare on Sep11  ( spaceweather,com )

The solar flux at was at very high levels on 28-29 Aug and at high levels on 27 Aug, 30-31Aug and 01-08 Sep). High levels were reached on 12-16 Sep following moderate levels 10-11 Sep. Conditions then ranged from quiet to moderate until sep16 with the exception of 1416 Sep due to a moderate storm.
Geomagnetic field activity ranged from unsettled to G1and G2 storm levels on 27 Aug followed by unsettled to active levels on 28 Aug. Quiet levels persisted on 29 Aug - 02 Sep.  By midday on 28 Aug, field activity declined to quiet levels until 9 Sep with a minor disturbance on 5 and 7 Sep.

Propagation Forecast
Solar activity is expected to be very low throughout the outlook period.
The solar flux is expected to be at moderate levels on 06-08 Oct and at high levels
for the remainder of the outlook period. All enhancements in solar flux are expected due to multiple, recurrent CH HSSs.
Geomagnetic field activity is expected to range from quiet to G2 (Moderate)storm levels. G2 (Moderate)storm levels are expected on 08 Oct; G1 storm levels are expected on 07 Oct and 10 Oct; active conditions are expected on 02 Oct and 11 Oct; unsettled conditions are expected 01 Oct, 09 Oct and 12 Oct. All levels of elevated geomagnetic activity are due to the anticipated influence of multiple, recurrent CH HSSs.

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