Friday, 26 January 2018

January 2018

Propagation Summary
Solar conditions have been fairly consistent during November with no major solar storms, with the exception o Nov 8-9 when a G2 Solar flare occurred. Calm conditions prevailed until Nov 21 when a G1 flare caused a further minor disturbance followed by a similar event on 4-5 December. There were more disturbed days during December, the biggest one being on Dec 4-5, but things had calmed down by Dec14, but more disturbed conditions returned on 14-21 Dec  and again Dec 26, 29-30th.

Forecast of Solar and Geomagnetic Activity up to 13 January 2018
Solar activity is expected to be at very low levels throughout the forecast period.
The solar flux is expected to reach moderate levels on 01 Jan, and 07-13 Jan.  High levels are likely on 02-06 Jan. All increases in Solar Flux are anticipated to be due to the expected influence of recurrent Coronal Hole High speed Streams (CH HSSs).

Geomagnetic field activity is expected to reach G1 (Minor) storm 01 Jan, and 13 Jan. Active conditions are 02 Jan, and 08 Jan.  Unsettled levels are forecast for 03 Jan and 09 Jan. All elevations in geomagnetic field activity are anticipated from multiple, recurrent CH HSSs.
Quiet conditions are forecast for the remainder of the forecast period.

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