Friday, 26 January 2018

November 2017

Propagation Summary
The Solar flux was at moderate levels on 9-11 Oct, Followed by high levels on 12-14 Oct and very high levels on Oct 15. The Geomagnetic field ranged from quiet to moderate storm levels on 9-10 Oct, then minor storm levels 11-12, 14 -15 Oct, and moderate levels on Oct 13.

Propagation Forecast up to 18 November
November is expected to start with minor levels of solar activity, followed by high levels from 7-11 Nov, peaking on 9-10 Nov, when the Boulder K index should reach a high of 6.
The Geomagnetic field is likely to be at unsettled to active conditions on 01-02 Nov, and 07-11 Nov, and a G2 Solar Flare should add to this activity on Nov 10.  More unsettled conditions are likely on Nov 15-16 followed by calmer condition until the end of the forecast period. The calmest days in November should be Nov 3-6, 13, and the most unsettled days should be 7-11 and 15 Nov.
4 day space weather forecasts can be found at:

Solar cycle 24
the current solar cycle 24, (the smallest since solar cycle 14 in 1906) has peaked in 2014, and is forecast to come to an end during 2020. Scientists are predicting that sunspot activity could be even lower during solar cycle 25:
The next propagation report will be in January.

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