Friday, 26 January 2018

October 2017

Propagation Summary
There has been some strong sunspot activity during September.  On Sep 4-9, minor storm conditions prevailed, followed by more severe storm conditions from 13-19th, peaking on Sep 14-15, when the Boulder k index actually reached 6, which is unusual.  This was followed by minor storm conditions from Sep 24-30. 

Propagation Outlook
October is likely to start with minor to moderate storm conditions, followed by more severe conditions on Oct 12-14. This is due to Coronal Hole high Speed streams resulting in high levels of Solar Flux, plus the Geomagnetic field is expected to be unsettled to active.
In conclusion, the calmer day should be Oct 3-9 and disturbed days should be Oct 11-14.

Solar Cycle 24
The historically weak Solar Cycle 24 continues to transition away towards the next solar minimum.  There have already been 11 spotless days during 2017, and this follows 32 spotless days that occurred during the latter part of 2016.  The next solar minimum will probably to be reached in late 2019 or 2020.  The current solar cycle is the third weakest since record keeping began in 1755 and it continues a weakening trend since solar cycle 21 peaked in 1980.
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