Friday, 26 January 2018

September 2017

Propagation Summary
Solar activity ranged from very low to moderate levels during the second half of August.  Very low levels were observed on 14-15 August. Low levels prevailed on 14-15 August and again on 18-19th, while moderate levels were observed from the 20th.
Perseid meteor showers were observed from 2 August which peaked on 12-13th.
There will have been some interesting DX anomalies in parts of the USA on August 21 during the Solar Eclipse which affected states Oregon to Iowa in a straight line across North America. Ionospheric conditions will have changed partly from day to night time mode for the eclipse’s duration. There will be another similar eclipse in 2024 (

Propagation Forecast up to 16 September
Solar activity is expected to be at low levels from 03-07 September with a chance R1and R2 (Minor to Moderate) activity from 08-16 September.
The Solar Flux is expected to reach high levels from 01-07 Sep, 11-13 Sep, and again from 15-16 Sep due to recurrent Coronal Hole High Speed Stream (CH HHS) activity.
Geomagnetic field activity is expected to be at unsettled to active levels from 8-9 Sep and 13-16 Sep due to recurrent CH HHS activity.  In conclusion the calmest HF conditions should be on Sep 3-7 and 10-12, and the most disturbed days are likely to be Sep1-2 and 14-16.
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