Friday, 26 January 2018

June 2017

Propagation Summary
There have been some major solar storms, notably on 18 April when an old sunspot, after a 2 week trip around the sun exploded, producing a C5-class solar flare and hurling a spectacularly bright coronal mass ejection (CME) into space. The massive cloud of hot plasma missed Earth.
May started out fairly quiet but conditions were disturbed on 16-22 may, especially on and around 19 May when the Boulder K index unusually peaked at 6. Quite conditions have prevailed at the end of May. From NOAA:

Propagation Forecast
June should start off with quiet to unsettled conditions with disturbed conditions expected on 10-11 June and on Jun 25 until the end of the forecast period. The average sunspot numbers are below the predicted levels and we head towards the end of solar cycle 24.

Daily UK space weather updates can now be found at the Met Office website:
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