Friday, 26 January 2018

July 2017

Propagation Summary
During the second half of June, there were 2 minor disturbances, the first one being on 19-22 June, caused by an earth directed G1 class solar flare, and another similar event occurred on 25-27 June. The remainder of June has been quiet to unsettled.

Propagation Forecast until 15 July.
Propagation conditions are expected to remain quiet to unsettled until July 13-14, when a major event is forecast. The planetary 'A' index is likely to jump from 5 to 20 during this event, which is likely to cause major disturbances to HF communications. 

Solar cycle 25 is forecast to start during 2020 and according to forecasts, solar activity is likely to be even lower than it has been during the current solar cycle.  Average sunspot numbers are currently around the 20 mark, (much lower that the forecasted number of 50).  There is also a long explanation at:

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