Saturday, 26 January 2019

January 2019

Propagation Summary
Solar activity was generally very low during late November with the Solar Flux at background levels, and the Geomagnetic Field ranged from quiet to unsettled.

A B type Solar Flare was forecast on 5 December but this did not materialise. There was also minor sunspot activity with a B1 flare on 14 Decembe5, and then conditions remained quiet for the remainder of December

The Solar flux was high on 6 and 8-9 Dec followed by normal levels until high levels were reached on 10 Dec conditions followed by quiet conditions.
The Geomagnetic Field was generally quiet to unsettled except on 10-11 followed by mainly quiet conditions

Propagation Forecast until January 19
Solar activity is expected to be very low throughout the outlook period.

The Solar Flux is expected to reach high levels on 8-12 Jan with moderate levels forecast for 3-5 Jan. Normal levels are expected for the remainder of the outlook period.

Geomagnetic field activity is expected to reach active levels on 4 Jan due to Coronal Hole High Speed streams. Quiet to unsettled or generally quiet conditions are expected throughout the remainder of the outlook period.
Propagation conditions should generally remain the same as December with possible variations on 4 and 16 January.

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